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             Having discovered Hedgehogs present on site we have been feeding them every night and there are a few coming round for dinner.  We are now assisting with a study into hedgehog movements during hibernation and are collecting hedgehog footprints as well as dates and weather data in an effort to find what brings them out of hibernation. They seem to have gone into Hibernation as there have not been any prints or siteings since 20th December





             Is a bank holiday and the forecast is for sunshine.  The apiary will be open so come along and nurse the seasons excesses with a cup of tea or coffee and some fresh air as we will be there all day.

All welcome




             Our AGM was held in December and the committee was re-elected with the exception of Jim Bryan who stepped down and the space was filled by Andy Bacon.  Our thanks to Jim for his efforts over the last year.





             This winter has been until recently exceptionally mild and the bees have been active and using up their stores.  William has offered to show us how to make fondant to supplement the bees stores to see them survive through the winter.


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