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MARCH 2019




MARCH 30TH 3-5 pm


This is the start of the season we will be changing the floors on all the hives and checking the colonies, removing old frames and replacing with foundation as well as doing a shook swarm providing the weather allows so bring your bee suits. Feel free to come along a bit early as there is always frames that need making up.


Please note that the June and July meetings have traded places and so now the bee inspector will be coming in July and our Quiz and Auction will be in June.† If you have anything for the Auction donít forget to bring it along then also the bee inspector is an unknown at the moment as the post is† yet to be filled.




April 27th

Bob Smith from the Medway Beekeepers will be giving us a talk about using Queen rearing as a swarm control method.† Win Win !


May 25th

Nikki Gammons is coming along to give us and update on her project to reintroduce the Bumble Bee Bombus Sub Terranous to the South East coast at Dungerness


Our Club Your Club

With a new captain at the helm we are set to steer a new tack so if there is anything you would like to see happen or any ideas for the improvement of the club donít be shy get in touch and let us know it is YOUR club get involved.


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