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             The hedgehog monitoring has now come to an end but the hedgehogs did  wake from their hibernation one of the smaller ones was out and about on the evening of the 29th at 10:30 for a bit of food.

We will still monitor for our own benefit to see when they do emerge and will update accordingly.




             Some event dates for your diary


   11th Feb  Bob Smith  Swarm Control

Bob is an experienced beekeeper using WBC Hives and is a good talk for the coming season.


11th Mar  Dr Stewart  Venom Allergy

A talk about anaphylactic shock in our case bought about by Bee Stings and the treatments used


Sunday 9th April Apiary Spring Clean

This is a Sunday meeting free from any speaker with weather permitting some hive cleaning and preparations for the season



25th February

Little Bee’s Craft Session

Come along from 11am - 2pm and make a bird box

Take it home and put it up for the nesting season or hang it up on site.


25th March

Little Bee’s Craft Session

Come along from 11am - 2pm and make a mothers day gift and or card for mothering Sunday on the 26th


16th April

Little Bee’s Easter Egg Hunt

Come along from 11am - 2pm and hunt out some clues to win an EASTER EGG


29th April

Little Bee’s Hive Inspection

A first chance for the youngsters to get into a hive this season.

Beekeeping suits provided


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