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Wasps Again !!! 

       All my hives are being harassed by wasps again this year.  So much so that my bees are very agitated and on the war path.  I was stung on the top lip while just standing behind the hives assessing what to do, and the answer is, not much really. Reducing the entrances helps, especially on weaker or new colonies. Also place around wasp traps. (Baited with mix of jam and cheep beer). 

There is some debate as to placement, near to, or further away from the hives?  There is good logical arguments for and against both, so belt and braces I'll do both.


On another tac, due to weather issues we agreed with the bee inspector to postpone her visit till August. The committee and the general meeting were cancelled. The message went out on all the social media to the contacts we have.  Just two missed the memo and turned up in the rain.  We had a good natter in the car park and I am sorry if you had planes messed about by this but we had to commit and follow it through.

So in Aug. we should find out what’s right and wrong with the apiary hives, and bees. We also plan to take off any honey while we are disturbing the hives.

 Bee alert.

(If you want to be a “lert” training courses cost £100 payable to me) “(*~*)”


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