Before Bee’s swarm they fill their stomachs with Honey and then the worker Bee’s heavy with Honey and the Queen Heavy with eggs leave the hive and generally gather in a not too distant tree to rest while scout

Bee’s go and look for a new nest site.  A suitable

nest site could be a hole in a tree, a building or just a

compost bin.  When Bee’s swarm they are usually busy looking for a new home and not normally interested in humans. When a swarm is resting it forms a cluster about the size of a football or rugby ball.

If you are concerned or need any advise call the number below for your area or alternatively there are more contact details on our contact page.

If you have a swarm we will help you the best way we can either by collecting the Bee’s from you or by putting you in touch with someone who can assist you.



For all areas  E-Mail your Name, Address, and Number and we will contact you as soon as possible, normally within an hour if possible  SWARM or call 07919404873

The Dartford Beekeepers

Dartford Branch of the Kent Beekeepers’ Association

Swarm Collection

Swarming is a natural way of increasing the number of Bee colonies in the world. Without this increase they would die out

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