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†††††††††† Welcome to August and the kids have broken up for the summer, so at last there is some rain for the garden and the plants for the bees to forage on.

†††††††††† Some of the people I have been talking to have got problems with the bees suffering from the dry weather and using up the stores they had previously collected and other people are wishing to extract their full supers so the bees can refill them.† At the apiary we fall into the first group so hopefully as the rain returns we will have something to extract at the end of the month.

†††††††††† I have taken a few calls from people who have bees in their chimney and they have been there a while.† The problem is with the extreme temperatures the comb is weakened and the weight of the honey is causing them to break and honey is oozing into various rooms of the house.† When I suggest removing the chimney they want me to remove the bees without touching the chimney.† Bee Craft have a related post on Facebook with a brilliant photo.

†††††††††† July was so hot and dry that there was nothing happening at the Apiary just the ponds drying out and I seemed to spend every moment of spare time walking around with a watering can trying to keep things alive, not everything made it.

†††††††††† The warm weather does mean that if you have pot marigolds (Calendula Officinalis) and they have dried out then you can turn them into a gardeners hand cream, take 1 part wax (by weight) and 3 parts olive oil and melt together in a Bain Marie, gentle whisk in dried Marigold petals and warm gently for 30 mins to infuse, strain and whisk while cooling then jar.

†††††††††† Please donít forget to come along to the Honey Extraction meeting this month on the 25th at 3pm. Bring the kids and friends for a great sticky afternoon.


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