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MARCH 2018


†††††††††† It is blooming freezing and as far as the bees are concerned that is good new as they are huddled together and not flying. This means that they are not getting through so many stores.† There is still some tasks for us to attend to in this weather we need to check that the front of the hives are free from snow to allow the bees access and we also need to try to shade the front of the hive as clear skyís and sun reflecting off the snow can encourage the bees out and then they perish in the cold.

†††††††††† As there is little to do with the bees this month there is plenty to do ready for next month as the season gets under way with a flourish.† April, May and June are the three short months when the bees rapidly build up to full numbers and possibly swarm, they may even produce an early surplus then possibly go hungry in June before the main flow in July.†

†††††††††† Make sure that all your equipment is clean and ready for use, thatís floor boards, brood boxes and brood frames and foundation to facilitate a spring clean either later this month or early next depending on the weather.† Ensure that you have supers filled with frames and comb or foundation ready for when the bees expand also spare hive etc. to enable you to carry out swarm preventions or divide colonies to increase.

†††††††††† There is a large quantity of reclaimed sugar at the apiary available for making syrup to help build your colonies this is free to those who want some and should be made up as thin syrup thatís 1-1 so 1lb sugar to 1 pint water and fed to the bees when the weather is not only warmer but consistently warm enough for the bees to fly.

†††††††††† There will be some garden maintenance work happening at the Apiary throughout March and all are welcome to come along and help or even just cause a distraction and have a cuppa and a chat. To find out if we are there give Kevin a call.

†††††††††† We have our spring clean meeting on the 31st and this will also include a auction/bring and buy,† so have a rummage and bring along anything you find that you donít want and donít forget your cash.†

†††††††††† Sunday 1st April is Easter Sunday and we have the usual easter egg hunt for the Little bees.

†††††††††† We still have some 2018 wall calendars in the Apiary for sale £2.50 of which goes towards Apiary Funds.

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