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         Here we are in a new decade with yet another so far mild winter and the bees are flying regularly when the weather permits. This causes a problem as the bees are using more stores than usual and can cause them to run short.

         What does this mean? It means that you will need to check the level of stores by hefting the hives and if they feel a little light then the bees will need an emergency feed.

         If you have to feed the bees then do not feed them syrup as the weather is not warm enough for them to process it and can cause them to get dysentery and possibly wiping out the colony.  The only way to feed the colony in the winter is to supply them with a pat of fondant which can be purchased from a bee supplies. Confectioners fondant can be used if needed.

         Anyone wishing to take the basic assessment this year who has kept bees for at least 12 months can book on the beekeeping course as there are a few spaces left, just contact Kevin for further details re dates and fees.

         Lastly don't forget that the Apiary meetings in 2020 will take place on the last Saturday of each month so please make an effort to come along to a few of them cheers.

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Lastly keep your eyes pealed for the Asian Hornet and if you see one report it to our local hornet team for conformation the identification details are to the right.