The Dartford Beekeepers

Dartford Branch of the Kent Beekeepers’ Association


APRIL 2020


        As we head into April the beekeeping year takes an unexpected turn along with the rest of the world and we are all in lockdown.

        DEFRA has deemed that the bees are livestock so we are to manage our bees with the usual degree of expertise and do our utmost to prevent them from swarming in this trying time.

        Whilst tending your bees you should practice social distancing and all of the usual basic hygiene rules with regards to yourself and the bees, do not share equipment or veils and if you are showing signs of covid 19 then you should isolate and ask another member to attend your bees until your recovered.

        All events at our teaching apiary in Dartford are suspended until the restrictions are lifted by the government and then we shall resume as soon as we can in the interim we are at the end of a phone to help with any queries you may have and or organise a stand in beekeeper, details on swarm control methods are in the Bee-Mail on its way by post.

        As the weather warms up please get in your hives and ensure they have room to expand and stay safe we will see you at the other end of this.

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Lastly keep your eyes pealed for the Asian Hornet and if you see one report it to our local hornet team for conformation the identification details are to the right.