The Dartford Beekeepers

Dartford Branch of the Kent Beekeepers’ Association




        This month there is only one thing to say and that is AGM.

        In reality we are all required to attend the AGM and listen to the reports, get involved in discussions re next years program and vote on committee members.

        We will of course be celebrating the season following the formalities, this will not take place at the Apiary but in St Mary Church Hall in Bexely from 3pm till 5pm.

        In the Apiary there are still things going on with the Apistan strips being removed and the hives being checked for stores the entrances reduced to a minimum.  Hive stands are checked for stability and the roofs secured.  All of this of no use if the boxes are not aligned because damp may get in between the boxes if the water can sit on a ledge and damp is a killer in the winter to your colonies.

        There is much winter tidying to do in the Apiary with clearing and cutting back throughout the site to do and there is always the beekeeping course for those who wish to either take up the hobby or even those who wish further information and refresher before signing up for the BBKA Basic Assessment.

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Lastly keep your eyes pealed for the Asian Hornet and if you see one report it to our local hornet team for conformation the identification details are to the right.