The Dartford Beekeepers

Dartford Branch of the Kent Beekeepers’ Association


JULY 2019


         Some weather we have had in the last month dry then soaking and cool to cold with heat waves.  The swarming has been as you would expect on the hot muggy days and the heat waves in between the cold wet days so let us hope it is all at an end now for the rest of the year.

         If we continue to get the odd spells of rain and the warm weather hold then there will be a reasonable amount of nectar for the bees to collect, although the real issue is will there be sufficient bees to collect enough for a good surplus and a of course a good crop for the beekeeper.

         Following up from the report last month about the Queen I thought might have been stung during marking, she was not found and a single queen cell was fully developed and capped in the hive so fingers crossed the bees will resolve the situation and the colony will go on to see next year, which I hope will prove to be closer to normal and the bees return to what we expect, when we expect it.

         This month kicks of with the Kent County Show at Detling where the various Kent Beekeepers have half the marquee so do pop along and support them, we also have our meeting with the Regional Bee Inspector coming to talk and look at a few of our hives on the 27th

         Details for the National Honey Show are now available including new show classes as well as details on the lectures and workshops available to book in advance.  Full information from NHS Spring Newsletter

         Lastly keep your eyes pealed for the Asian Hornet and if you see one report it to our local hornet team for conformation the identification details are below.

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